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I remember when I got married my husband actually made a lot of the plans. I was in college and working full time, so there wasn't a lot of free time to work out the details. It is definitely important to make decisions together and involve each other in the big day plans.
    Joanne, thank you for your comment. It's not only making decision together for the big day, but for every aspect in an engaged couples lives. Certain circumstances prevent sometimes decisions to be made together but for the underlying implicit agreement, it makes life transitions based on shared decisions much easier.
I was awed by my daughter and her new husbands wedding planning. They worked together on nearly every single detail (except the dress!). I am also thrilled at the way they continue to life their married life the exact same way. Great post and wonderful advice!
Brenda, what a beautiful example you've portrayed here about your daughter and her husband. They have the maturity and enthusiasm towards marriage and life. My congratulations for them!

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