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Princesses and The Prince

The problem with the Victim to Victory story of the Disney Princesses is the message that has been transmitted along the years to billions of young girls who admire the glamour of the princesses and their subconscious mind gets bombarded with “I’m a princess!” “I’m a princess!” Which princess? Any of the Disney princesses that the little girl resonates with, buys her costumes, and searches for The Prince.

Marriage: Disney Princesses Reload

Every blog post after that will be about one of Disney Princesses’ story and how her Happily Ever After story might have unfolded following the different skills and tools I’ll help her gain. But I’ll not stop only there, I’ll help her prince as well. This is actually part of my forthcoming book: “Marriage: Not Just A Fairy Tale!”

A Vision Board For Engaged Couples and Newlyweds

When two people commit to marriage and to live together “For richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health, ‘till death do us part!” it makes more sense to construct one vision board for both of them. They can each have their own as a subset of the bigger one that they construct together.

Leadership Engagement in Relationships

It’s not engagement to get married, it’s engagement as to how much engaged are you in your relationship. Are you an Engaged Leader in your relationship? It takes two to make a relationship work and it takes one at a time to move the relationship forward. If you are not putting an effort to better

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