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The New Addiction of the 21st Century

“Put down your phone!” Janet said.
Robert looked at her while squinting his eyes and said: “I’m checking my e-mail!”
“For the seventh time tonight!” Janet’s voice broke up with her words. She was very frustrated with his total attachment to his “toys.”

Toys seem like a cliché word now for adults who love electronic gadgets. It’s becoming a major cause of many relationship breakups. It’s becoming an addiction.

Both men and women are becoming totally addicted to having their gadgets on them, in their purse, brief case, car, bed, bathroom, everywhere. A stay home wife who’s spending most of her day on Facebook , Twitter, Google+, Pintrest, or other social networks, does get into severe confrontations with her husband who wants to connect with her after coming back from work and she continues to connect with everyone else except him. A dad who has the weekend to play with his children, gets glued to his iPad surfing and googling while still in bed that the morning hours flew by while his kids are splashing orange juice all over the kitchen floor!

I can tell you more stories about the isolation and detachment those gadgets have caused relationships and families to drift apart. All the gadgets and the technology genius breakthroughs are great to use in business and in connecting with friends and family who live away from us. But to send a text message to your wife who is in the next room to ask her about your brown striped socks, is not a healthy way of communicating. Convenient, maybe, but it’s putting walls around you. Face to face communication is still the number one form of successful connection between couples.

The Toys are an addiction that needs to be overcome. Managing your time and designating specific times to check your e-mail or your friend’s status on Facebook, is what you must do so you can protect your relationships and connect in a healthy way with your loved ones.

How is technology affecting your relationship and what do you want to do about it?

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What a great post about technology. Technology has many pros and cons, but what I am seeing now is the concern of the next generation with the lack of communication. This is an amazing article to repost for relationships: family, personal (understanding self) and work. Thank you for sharing!
Amina, I am certainly guilty of spending a lot of time on technology. Everything that I need is on my phone. What started out as a way to spend less time at my desk has actually been the cause of working more. After reading your post, I think it may be time to uninstall some of apps and get back more face-to-face time. Thanks for helping me to begin breaking an unhealthy technology addiction :^)
technology is helping me in a positive way to be connected from anywhere and spend more time with my family. but sometimes i get scared with research news that comes out in the web that speak about negative effects of technology on health

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