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Sharing Your Love + Sharing Your Life

It is one thing to be in love, but another thing to commit and share your life with the one you love. You know deep in your hear that you love that person you’ve chosen, that person with whom you’ll wake up every morning and see their eyes twinkle as they welcome the new day with you. In many marriages love is there but sharing is not. One of my clients was so distraught because her husband (they were only married for three months) wouldn’t tell her how much is his paycheck?

When one partner is holding back from the other either financially or emotionally, then this relationship stands on a rocky ground and will wobble until it falls. Instead of holding back, you both embrace each another and respect one another by sharing your lives fully and lovingly. Your marriage is a partnership between you and your lover. You are partners in life to build a strong foundation for your evolving family.

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