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My Fiance Never Listens To Me!

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Communication is ranked number one as the most fulfilling aspect of a happy marriage. It came ahead of friendship and sex! On the other hand, the majority of divorced couples stated that the lack of communication was the number one reason why their relationship fell apart.

We all need to be heard. Not only heard but understood as well. It always come back to expressing yourself freely with your fiancé, to feel free and excited to talk with him/her, feel safe, fun, and excited to share your news. It’s equally important to get heartfelt, honest feedback, without being afraid to be blocked, reprimanded or misunderstood.

One of the major reasons women respect and love their man is when he gives them his undivided attention, and vice versa. This is the formula for success in a lifelong marriage. When couples are engaged, their focus is on each other, but after marriage things can change so fast. One of my clients couldn’t stand her husband of a few months that when they go out, anywhere, he is always scanning other women like a radar. “He is faithful,” she said, “but just keeps looking at other women and that annoys me!” Another client complains that his wife of two years talks on her cell phone most of the time, when they’re in the car together, in the restaurant, in their living room at home, and even before going to bed! He wants some private time with her to have a decent conversation. Lack of communication is the culprit of many unrealistic stories that lonely couples create, based on an event or words said, to justify and exaggerate their reasons of why they are unhappy.

Listening and giving your partner undivided attention will create an incredible bond between you both.

Are you listening to your fiancé?

Comments (4)

I LOVE when I feel heard... by anyone. Feeling safe and valued for your presence, and thoughts is one way I that I feel safe. Great post... great great post.... I hope your clients are listening :)
    Hello Tamala, great to have you visit my blog! Many of my clients are learning to listen. Listening is an art and a great habit to build and acquire. As you said, when you're heard you feel safe! Especially when you are heard without judgement or without being reprimanded for what you've said. Thank you for your valuable insights!
We all need to feel heard! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Absolutely Michelle! Thanks for your comment!

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