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Me, Me, Me, ….. Syndrom

If one of the engaged couples show signs of the “Me, Me, Me,…. Syndrom” what kind of marriage will they have? Imagine if both have this Syndrom!

Exactly, a very selfish based marriage where each one is only thinking of “WIIFM”!!!
What’s In It For Me, has become a double-edge sword. One edge to defend oneself, to take care of oneself while the other edge is to destroy others in the process.

Let’s think about that for a moment: one side to take care of yourself, to defend your needs, to make sure that you are protecting your wellbeing and your livelihood and the other side you’re destroying your relationship by being selfish?

Comments (8)

People have become very selfish. It's awful!
    Shauna, yes, many people have become very selfish but many also have realized that it's hurting them more than serving them. Once they recognize the joy in giving beyond themselves, they shift dramatically.
Thats very true. relationships and love are about give and take, not just take. Great reminder Amina
    Christine, when both sides love unconditionally, they'll give to each other unconditionally. It's a higher level of love that I work with my clients to reach.
When people display selfish tendencies, there are some negative emotions to release. awesome post!!!
    Exactly Loretta! Combined with your DNA generational clearing and cleansing, a pure person is born.
You make a very good point here. It would pay engaged couples to hear things like this.
    Dina, it's a very hard market to reach, but it's my calling and I want to reach them. Thank you for resonating with me on it's importance.

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