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Make One Blissful Moment Your Anchor

“Will You Marry Me?”………“YES!”…….Anchor!

Engaged couples and Newlyweds are in a blissful place in life. Their love stories are heartwarming and inspiring. In the past few days, I’ve watched many videos of marriage proposals and tears streamed down my cheeks as I lived the moments with the couple. Why? It’s the moment that got engraved in their memories, hearts, and souls.

As I listened to the music of the acknowledgments part of the video and read how many names are involved in this breathtaking moment, many thoughts rushed through my mind. I wonder! How much thought and creativity poured in to produce this perfect moment? Men put so much focus and energy on how to make it an extremely special moment. Will they continue with this loving energy to surprise their woman with many beautiful moments during their marriage? What will happen to those couples after a few years of marriage? Will this precious love stay with them for the rest of their lives? What will happen when they face the challenges and hardships of life? At this moment, they are floating on clouds of dreams and desires. They are building towers of hopes and expectations. They are living in their world right now and nothing else matters.

Many couples, after the passage of this moment, get involved in wedding preparation. They are busy with all the details that a wedding requires and many times they forget this moment.

The moment of bliss, as I like to call it, is the moment, which is meant to stay with them for the rest of their lives. This is their anchor. This is the utopian decisive moment that changed their destiny from being single to being married.

To anchor this moment in their memories, hearts, and souls, means that they will always give each other the strength and support to stand firm in the face of any challenges or even calamities. To enliven this moment means that they will revive their love and commitment to each other and to be present with it all the time.

When this moment is forgotten, the anchor gets loose and they drift apart!

Do you have an anchor in your memory, heart, and soul that holds you firm with your mate?

Comments (8)

Beautiful post - love the anchor in your heart - And yes, my top one is feeling the love of my new born baby over 30 years ago :)
    Donna, what a beautiful anchor you have! Cherish the feeling :)
Sometimes it is the little things. I have been married now for over 15 years and when my husband cleans off the counter or buys me some flowers, I know that I matter to him.
    Thank you Joanne for your comment. Yes, every special moment that fills us with love and connection will always be an anchor!
My husband proposed to me in front of the Temple. Each time we visited the temple after that, we both reminded each other of feelings and emotions we felt on that moment, that anchor in our lives. There have been many anchors since that day in the 38 year that we've been married. Thank you for this lovely post!!! and for visiting my site today as well :)
    Loretta, I'm sure that reviving your most significant anchor moment along the years is more precious than the ring that was placed on your finger. Emotions revisited fuels the love and the beautiful relationship you have with your husband! Blessings for you both.
My favorite moment was when we were still dating and he said that he wanted a committed relationship that lasted a life time. That was what caught my attention- besides his good looks.
    "A committed relationship that lasted a lifetime." What a deep desire for a certainty and love. Thank you Joyce for sharing that special moment!

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