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Letter to Engaged Couples

Dear Engaged Couple,

Do you have the skills and tools to ensure your engagement mode, full of love, life, and laughter, will continue for the rest of your life? If you answer: “YES!” “We have it covered!” “We’re perfect! We don’t need it! We already have a great relationship!” Think again!

An Engagement period is one of the most cherished periods of your life. Your relationship has developed into a lifetime commitment! Great! What you don’t realize is that it developed into much more than what you expect: A Real Relationship!

The Real Relationship will develop after you say “I Do” and after your honeymoon travel is over!

You return to real life and after a year or two, when the honeymoon phase is really over, and you are faced with new challenges you never expected to face, you’ll remember all the skills and tools you have in your tool box to take those challenges to heart and work on them. Those skills and tools are given to you through coaching, learning, and mentoring.

Enjoy your engagement period, and grab every opportunity when you’re offered a chance to learn how to stay in that engagement mode, full of love and life, for the rest of your life. If you don’t receive an offer, seek it, search it, and become determined to find it.

Learning from your elders in your family, community, and your coaches are your sacred venues for growth and mindful consciousness living. Both of you as Bride and Groom, will be grateful to have learned about marriage dynamics before the need arise.

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I agree. As couples we are always learning about each other. Even after over 16 years of marriage, my husband and I are still learning. Having a tool box (communication skills, family, community and coaches) is vital to a marriage.
    Amanda, thank you for your great insight. Learning in a marriage is an ongoing process. You learn and grow with your husband in all dimensions of life: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The more tools you have in your tool box, the more healthy your learning process will be.
Yes, it's not just something you tell people. It's an actual stage in the relationship that offers the opportunity for deeper intimacy and growth. Love this! ~ Ann
    Ann, you've nailed it perfectly. It's an exciting stage and many don't grasp the importance of my message. Thank you for having the depth of understanding what a difference it will make for engaged couples to learn and grow together during this unique stage. Thank you.
A valuable share Amina. I especially resonate with your invitation to learn from our elders and coaches BEFORE they marriage. :-)
    Thank you Karen for resonating with my invitation. My message is one for those who truly listen and want to make "Happily Ever After" more than just a fairy tale!!

Nice post... made me picture my siblings of the time when they got engaged...!!


Amritt R

It's wise to observe others during this period and enjoy their connection and love shine. Amritt, it seems that you either enjoyed picturing your siblings or you offered help and wisdom when they needed it. Either situation, there was something in their picture for you to reflect upon. Thank you for your comment.

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