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Leadership Engagement in Relationships

It’s not engagement to get married, it’s engagement as to how much engaged are you in your relationship.

Are you an Engaged Leader in your relationship?

It takes two to make a relationship work and it takes one at a time to move the relationship forward. If you are not putting an effort to better the relationship, the future for both of you will be stagnant or destroyed. But, if you are engaged in decision-making, in future plans, in financial accountability, in all aspects of the relationship, success will be your outcome.

When a couple is engaged and ready to build a new organization together the relationship grows to different levels. What Organization? Aren’t they building a family? Well. Building a family takes more work than building an organization. There are similarities, but the dangers of dismantling the family is worse than dismantling the organization. The intricate design of the family, as much as it is simple, exerts mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy to build it. It requires that both husband and wife become leaders in their family depending on their levels of engagement.

You’re probably asking how can we have two leaders and we know from across many traditions and cultures that man is the head of the family? The man might be the head of the family as well as the woman a leader of the family. As both compliment one another in different areas of this organization, both work together as a team to make this family organization work. A team leader might be the father in certain tasks and the mother becomes a team leader in other tasks. The most important factor here is the level of engagement of both. When the mother is the leader, she is moving the whole team forward. She’s engaged in planning, managing, delegating, budgeting, etc. while the father is engaged by helping, taking responsibilities, accountabilities, etc. And vice versa, when the father is the leader he is moving the whole team forward. No competition, only cooperation. I gave many lectures about the misunderstood women’s leadership roles in families and I’ll be writing more about it in other blog posts.

So here I’ll ask you again:

Are you an Engaged Leader in your relationship?

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Great point, Amina. When both members of a relationship are engaged, things are far more positive and productive. Whatever their responsibilities might be, if they are working together as a team, it makes a world of difference for everyone working with them, or interacting with them. Thanks!
Thanks Amina for another wonderful post. It really did wake me up a bit, as I have not really been doing my part in leading in my areas. I have been caught up in my own stuff that I feel that I have been slacking a bit. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. A perfect blog for me to read today. Thank you again!
hi amina, when i read this article, i debated. and concluded that i feel about myself as a committed partner who is managing the relationship by complementing our strengths. leadership in relationship can lead to abuses and sometimes hurt others sentiments.

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