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Intuitive Listening in Relationships

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Do you know how to listen intuitively? There are three types of listening:

1Subjective Listening :you are listening to your partner and waiting for the appropriate word he or she will say so you’ll jump in, interrupt, and impose your view. You might want to feel significant by showing off your knowledge and wisdom, or you want to prove your partner wrong or to belittle them unconsciously. There are many reasons for subjective listening such as to analyze, criticize, or even to condemn.

2Objective Listening:you are listening and not imposing your opinion upon your husband or wife; you are listening and helping him or her to formulate his or her own view.

3Intuitive Listening:you are listening with your heart and intuition. When your husband or wife say a word within a sentence and your gut feeling tells you there is more to this word than what is said, take a deep breath and ask: what does this word mean to him or her? If it vibrates negative energy, the difficult part is to stay calm and ask the clarifying questions. It might be a deep pain that they never talked about before, or a memory they’d rather not remember. If it vibrates positive energy, then by all means it will be an opportunity to share the fun experience.

I’m only scratching the surface here with the different kinds of listening. In other blog posts I will talk more about other kinds of Listening.

Do you know what kind of listening is your default?

Comments (4)

I noticed that I am more 2 and 3 than 1. I try to be an active listener but also participate when I feel he is looking for an opinion. Very thought provoking. I look forward to more. Missy Bell www.WhereTheGhostsLive.WordPress.com www.PeaceAndHappinessProject.com
    Thank you Missy for your comment. When people start to think about what mode of listening they do unconsciously, they might catch themselves in the moment. Acknowledging if it's 1, 2, or 3, gives them the freedom to chose which one will benefit their relationships the most. I'll be posting more on this topic and similar ones in the near future, so please follow my posts and watch for the new ones.
My kind of listening is of course intuitive. Not just in my personal but also professional dealings :) Richa
    Richa, I'm glad that you are an intuitive listener. Thank you for sharing your strength in your personal and professional life.

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