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Ideal Energetic Engagement

What does your ideal Engagement period look like?

Most engaged couples don’t think of what their ideal engagement period should look like and they focus on the Wedding preparation. They are full of love and joy that finally they will live Happily Ever After together! After a period of total focus on the event, the love and joy dissipates and the lovebirds find themselves in dire need to revert their focus on themselves and their relationship.

An ideal Energetic Engagement is where both Bride and Groom to be are so much into each other as they first fell in love, as well as maintain a balance of their energy while preparing for their “Big Day” together.

The most important component of this period is their relationship and what they need from each other. Remember why are they getting married? It’s their relationship that propelled them there! When their energy is placed in an agreed upon plan to create the wedding of their dreams, there will be very little or no conflict. They understand how to fulfill each other’s needs and how to take care of each other in many ways while working together as a team to actualize their desired Wedding.

The Ideal Energetic Engagement period prepares them for marriage ahead. The Bride and Groom to be are open in their discussions to encompass all aspects of married life, which includes financial, since major issues must be discussed, understood and planned. During that period the couple enjoys discovering new things about about each other. Not exactly to discover everything because many things are yet to be discovered after living everyday together for the rest of their lives. There’s an expression that I’ve heard many years ago, which reflects that one won’t know a person very well until they share their bathroom!! I can’t remember who said that, but it takes more than sharing a bathroom to truly know someone inside out.

Love, joy, peace, adventure, excitement, exhilaration, and many more emotions and feeling are to be experienced during this period. This short post is just an excerpt of my description of the Ideal Energetic Engagement to give my readers a taste of it. It is the foundation upon which a successful marriage will be built.

What does your Ideal Energetic Engagement period look like for you?

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Hmm, I think what is ideal would differ for different people. For me, I would say a year or more, but lots of people need less time than that, and I suppose some people need even more.
    Yes Jeanine, depending on the couple and their circumstances, the engagement can be any length of time, which will be suitable for their needs. The most important thing is to construct a balance between the wedding preparation and keeping their relationship full of love and life.
We were engaged for a year and that seemed to work out great. But I think it has a lot to do with how long you have been dating before you were engaged too.
    How long a couple have dated before their engagement is very subjective to their environment and circumstances. Liz, to be happy and content with the outcome of what takes place during the engagement depends on how much they are focused on each other and maintaing a balance between Wedding preparation and their relationship.

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