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Honeymoon or Honey-Weekends?

A new trend is brewing for many couples who can’t afford to go on an extended honeymoon as expected by the norm of our culture. Reasons vary from financial to time constraints or even family obligations, especially if there are elderly parents or young school-age children.

A honey-weekend resolves the matter and extends the idea of the honeymoon over a long period of time. Instead of going for one or two weeks to Europe, for example, newlyweds could take three separate weekends to different new places where they can be intimate and away from family and friends.

The idea behind a honeymoon is to get to know each other better when removed from both of their environments, daily routines, chores, commitments, and work, so they can focus on just their relationship and how to live together under one roof! When their lives start off with fun intimate times, facing life after they come back becomes somewhat bearable. When life becomes challenging and problems start to pop up, they’ll need to reconnect at the same level as the honeymoon. So, honey weekends become a substitute for a long honeymoon to several weekends where newlyweds become (as I call it the 5 Rs) Removed, Reinstated, and Reconnected several times. Their reconnection Reignites their passion and Rejuvenates their love.

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Love this! My husband and I actually did this and took two honeymoons.!
I am all about the Honey Weekends. So many people just can't afford to a) take a lot of time off of work and b) afford the cost of those big elaborate honeymoons. My sweetie wants to go to Belize for a vacation. We are setting our intention for 2015, perhaps we'll get married at that time too, we may as well combine it! :)
Lovely post! Intimate moments together could help the couple understand each other better.
That actually sounds more fun then a traditional honeymoon especially it you are going to several different places. Visiting from UBC
My hubby and I love taking honey-weekend together. I love this concept - it works for us! :)

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