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Fiancé Left Out

Wedding preparations are on the way and you’re extremely busy with all the details. Your team is in place ready for the big day. Everyone knows exactly what he or she’ll do and what to take care of. You’re choosing the flowers, the theme of the reception, the favors, the menu, the photographer, the planner, and the coach. Every single detail is in place. The only thing that’s missing is your Fiancé!

At the beginning of the Wedding project he was gracious to give you an open doorway to do the theme of the wedding the best way fit. And you started to construct your team of helpers and supporters. The only one you didn’t include is your fiancé!

You might have thought, since he told you to choose, then he’s not interested. Or, you got carried away with your mother constructing all the details of the Wedding and the Reception and forgot to include him during this critical phase. Or, any other reason you just decided it’s not for him to be involved. Wrong!

He feels left out and not significant enough in your view to include him. Preparing for the Wedding is a first step in a cooperating on a project, which sets the stage for other projects when you’re married. When this step becomes one sided the foundation for your marriage might be very rickety and might cause you to fall.

Your fiancé is your life partner, and sharing all the important major events in your life will bond you together to cooperate, create, and invent.

Don’t start your life together by dismissing him from choices you ought to be making together. You are lovers and partners for life.

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Wonderful article! I know with my first marriage my finance did all the planning (he was footing the bill) and he is in the Wedding business so it was easy. We only lasted 7 months but the second marriage was EASY! We got married in Vegas and they did all the planning, we just showed up!! :) I agree about doing these things together is so very important. Have you seen on tv or read in the paper about the Bridezilla's? Wow, I wouldn't marry a Groomzilla again. I love the one I'm with! :)
    Carolyn, thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience. Sharing tasks and responsibilities in preparation for the wedding brings up a great deal of issues that underlie certain characters. That's why in coaching my engaged couples when Bridezilla or Groomzilla pops up, then we have to address the underlying reason for it and shift it when they are ready for the shift and learn how to deal with it if it pops up again in years to come.

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