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Do You Like to Cook?

Do You Like to Cook?

Many years ago when the Food Channel didn’t exist, we used to look through piles of cooking books (Betty Crocker, Julia Child, Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, etc..) and collect recipes from grandmas, aunts, neighbors, mothers, friends, or anyone who cooked something we ate that tasted great. Cooking was the responsibility of the wife and the husband had the responsibility of eating and judging whether the recipe should be repeated or to be thrown in the garbage. Connected at the family and community level, but disconnected at the marriage level.

Now, cooking has become a passion for those who admire its creativity and versatility. A married couple can spend time together in the kitchen experimenting with different ways to make a recipe; for example, ratatouille with meat or without meat; corn bread with chocolate sauce or with ice cream; etc.

Actually, the reason I’ve decided to talk about cooking in an engaged couples blog is because research has found that when married couples enjoy cooking together and experimenting with recipes, the closer emotionally they’ll become; not mentioning their physical proximity when working together in the kitchen, which will help their energy fields around them interact and can cause a magnetic attraction between them of a romantic nature.

For engaged couples and newlyweds, start from the first day of your marriage, share the kitchen and enjoy the recipes. Love you both.

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Thanks Amina. NICE! I agree 100%. There are hundreds of activities people can share to keep their relationships fresh and strong. Cooking together is a great one, and among my favorites. On our first date, my wife and I managed to bake a pie. It was awful, and we still laugh about it. We married six weeks later, and that was 39 years ago. - Robbie
    Robbie, what a heart-warming story that you shared. Thank you. Always, always, the best of emotions we experience during special moments are the ones that stay a lifetime. Enjoy many more years together to come!
My husband and I really love to cook together. He actually taught me a lot about cooking when we got married and we always feel really connected when we're working together in the kitchen!
    Jessica, these are cherished moment. Enjoy them and keep the tradition!
This sounds like a wonderful recipe for togetherness. For a lot of people it would work. In my case (married 39 years) I stay way clear of the kitchen. It is my husband's territory and he is its king. And, fortunately, I have no problems with staying out of there. However, we do connect through several common interests.
    The most important part of togetherness is to find common joys between both you. Cooking is one example of those joys. Many couples, as you and your husband, know what activities give them the pleasure of togetherness and continue to enjoy it for the rest of your lives! Excellent point Alana!
I absolutely agree! I do believe that couples who cook together are more emotionally invested than others. My husband and I are always cooking together.- always coming up with cool recipes to try and we laugh so much when it doesn't come up correctly... Fun times!! xoxo, KG www.kgstyleblogs.com
    KG, you and your husband enjoy a cooking together because of your common interest in it and the pleasure it gives both of you to be so close. The fun of experimenting with recipes together gives you a sense of a subtle adventure. Have lots of fun experimenting!
Such a beautiful post! Excellent advice for all young couples today!

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