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Do You Interrupt Your Fiancé?

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If you know how to listen to your fiancé, then by all means you’ll know how to talk with him or her. When there is balance between both of you in a discussion, your relationship is evolving into a promised vow of connection for the rest of your lives. But, here is the “but” word again, if you are an interrupter, your communication will never evolve to become the kind of communication you desire. Inside every woman and man is the desire to communicate well with our lover and sometimes when we are the reason for failed communication we don’t realize it’s because of our interruptions. Interruptions are a cause for relationships to fail and to deteriorate.

Research conducted by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, James Witte, and Chrisanna Northrup,

59% of men and 59% of women said that they’re interrupted by their partners anywhere from sometimes to all the time.

One thing you might ask yourself if you are an interrupter: Why do I interrupt my partner? Do I feel strong about my viewpoint? Do I want to prove I’m always right? Am I impolite? Am I trying to belittle his/her point of view? Am I controlling to the extent that I don’t give him/her the chance to finish the sentence? Am I losing my intimacy with my partner? Or, am I in a civil partnership?

If you want to get rid of the habit of interruption you must learn to become a good listener! How? That’s another blog post coming soon.

In my next blog post, I’ll tell you about a technique on how to help your partner, if he or she is the interrupter, to overcome this destructive habit.

Comments (6)

Great post around interrupting! If you find that you have this little habit it really is a clear sign that you are not listening to your partner. Your focus is really more on what you are going to say and you're missing the message coming to you. It's a habit a lot of us learn but thankfully can be unlearned with a little bit of effort and love.
    You are right Bonnie! This habit could be unlearned and a new habit of listening with presence could be adopted. Read my new blogpost after this one. I teach a seven-step technique on how to not interrupt. Thanks for your insights about interruptions!
My husband always interrupts me. He likes to put his two cents in and then when I can start again, I forgot where I left off!
    Katherine, you are amazing! When your husband puts his two cents in, it shows that you listened to his points. But either you listened while saying: "here we go again!" Or " His points make a lot of sense, I totally agree!" Which one is your pattern?
I can certainly relate to this. We both need to be mindful of getting excited or drifting off with our attention during a conversation. Thank you for your insightful post.
Being a good listener is key to many things - comfort, security, friendship, etc. You are right that we all need to work on being good listening.

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