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Commitment in Relationships

When your relationship develops into a commitment, you’re mind will spin into so many different directions. Am I ready for this commitment? What does this commitment means in terms of my life, schedule, future, family, career, etc?
Commitments are bonds, that when both partners in life observe and respect all aspects of it, they both live a life that thrives. They grow together and develop a deep relationship of respect, honor, and dignity.

Of course, I’m talking here about the commitment that is sincere, truthful and built on true love. If those aspects are not present and the commitment is based on infatuation, specific interest or benefit, or even lust, then this commitment will soon break down.

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Great post! Honesty and openness is the foundation on which a marriage truly stands. The Beatles famously sang "All You Need Is Love" but it takes a whole lot more for a marriage to not only survive but to thrive.
    Absolutely, Crystal! It does take much more than love alone for a marriage to thrive. When I work with couples I teach them certain tools and skills to ensure that whatever event in life happens, they are ready to deal with it without causing any unnecessary disturbances to their relationship. Great insight! Thank you.

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