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Top Ten Reasons For An Everlasting Marriage

Have you wondered what are the reasons for an everlasting marriage?
Why do couples stay married for more than 50 years and are still in love?

After I’ve researched the topic and interviewed a few couples, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons for everlasting marriage. A few points on the list are chapters in my forthcoming book: “Marriage: More Than Just A Fairy Tale!” Every point is a treasure chest of stories, sacrifices, success, and solemn commitments.

Top Ten Reasons For An Everlasting Marriage

1Love Unconditionally.

2Respect and Protect.

3Smile, Laugh, and Dance.

4Forgive and Let Go.

5Listen Intuitively.

6Contribute Willingly.

7Praise Every Loving Action.

8Acknowledge and Validate.

9Do Not Criticize, Condemn, or Complain (Dale Carnegie’s #1 Principle).

10Love Unconditionally, Again, and Again, and Again; For as Long as You Live.

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Comments (8)

What a beautiful map for a loving and respectful marriage. I wonder what would be possible in this world if all practiced this in our overall lives too.
    Thank you Linda for your comment! It makes me wonder too, and I'm doing what I can to change one couple at a time!
Hard to argue with any of this! Good rules to live by...
What great advice for a successful marriage! Cindy http://scribler.us
    Thank you Cindy for your comment and for stopping by!
I am so very "grateful" for the man that I married and all the goodness that our love brings to one another . Life is blessing and I treasure each beautiful moment. Thank you for this lovely posting today! Healthy blessings with love and gratitude, Gena
    Gena, gratitude is one of the major aspects of living in abundance. Enjoy and Cherish your love and your life together for many years to come!

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