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Snow White And Prince, No Name, “Charming”!

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“I don’t want to get married!” said Snow White to Prince, no name, Charming. “I’m too young and I want to travel around the world before I settle down.”

What if Snow White has said those words to the Prince when he woke her up by his kiss from her death sleep?

Could a sweet, gentle, and naïve young Princess be suitable to get married at the tender age of 14?

Snow White is the youngest heroine of all Disney’s Princesses. She is 14 years old when the magic ‘mirror on the wall’ declared her as the “The Fairest of Them All!” We all know the story of the jealous and cold-hearted stepmother, who demands the beautiful girl to work as a servant because she is more beautiful than her. The victim runs away and the stepmother send her huntsman to find her and kill her! Thank goodness, the huntsman fails.

Snow White goes through an adventure in the woods and settles with the dwarfs after forest’s animals help her discovers their place. She cooks for them, cleans, do their laundry, etc. The demon Queen, disguised as an old witch, gives Snow White a poisoned apple. She takes the first bite and falls into a deathlike sleep to be awakened only by “Love’s First Kiss!”

The Prince, who was not given a name and seemed like a figure of the imagination, appears two times in the story, kisses Snow White and she wakes up, marries the Prince, and lives happily ever after!

Wow! What a dream? A beautiful fairytale with many potholes. That’s why they are called fairy tales. The only problem is that our little girls associate with those characters and ends up in big trouble. Reality has a reason to be based on the root word “Real”.

I will look at the different personality traits given to Snow and draw a new map for her as if the authors of the story have empowered her. We don’t want to see her as a servant in the house of the Queen, who’s insecure and needs certainty by having a magic mirror feeds her ego.

Snow White is given wonderful traits as the story unfolds. I’ll start with her kindness and generosity.

She is kind and generous with everyone around her, even with her stepmother, as the Queen and as the old witch, and the huntsman. The trait of kindness is a blessing but not when it blinds the person of who is taking advantage of him or her. Snow White’s judgment is blurred by her kindness towards all living things that she doesn’t see how cruel the Queen is towards her. She, unconsciously, gives permission to the Queen to treat her as a servant.

It’s not only Snow White who falls into this trap. If kindness is not associated with learning how to read people, then the permission is granted. So, how would have Snow White learned to read people? Too bad that the authors of this story portrayed her kindness and generosity as the passive little obedient girl with no brains! If Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziggler, or Dale Carnegie has met Snow White, they would have coached her to get her out of this rut.

Next, I’ll write about how Snow could learn how to read people.

If you were Snow White, how would you have addressed the Queen if she treated you like a servant?

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It would have been a much different story if she had worked with a coach!
I have never been much into fairy tales, even as a child; however, I would have never thought that children looked at the characters as models. I certainly never recall anyone who did. Is this common? Rachel recently posted The 16 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Women

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