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Your Body Screams: HELP!!

Are you listening to your body? When you are in a conversation with your fiancé and he or she says something that didn’t resonate with you, do you hold back from expressing your true feelings avoiding a confrontation? Or you go ahead and say what’s on your mind?

When you hold back and don’t express yourself freely, your body manages to contain your frustration. But what goes in, something else will come out. Here, a physical manifestation will come out in a form of throat pain, thyroid problems, or even headaches. Research has proved the connection between different emotions and their physical exhibition as the example mentioned.

Listen to your body and catch yourself before something major develops. Expressing yourself to the one you love is the best gift you can give both of you. Don’t let your body say it for you!

Comments (8)

This is such a great reminder to be authentic and intentional about our emotions, thoughts and needs. Thank you!
    Erin, being authentic and intentional is the key to accept and acknowledge our feelings and thoughts. Thank you for your comment.
Your body was made for expression - it is NATURAL for you to express yourself! Amen!
    Thank you Paul for shedding the light on the nature of our body. Some people are brought up in an unhealthy manner of restricting their natural expression. Those are the ones we must help to regain their natural expressive state.
I have learned that I need to let my husband know when I have an issue. Sometimes he just knows, other times I do tell him. I can do this with him, not others though...
    Betsy, thank you for sharing your experience with expressing yourself freely with your husband but not with others. The great thing in your relationship, that your openness with your husband made him understand whenever you have an issue. Having this level of understanding takes work and practice from both partners. Learning how to express yourself freely with others takes also practice especially if you're not used to it.
I agree! We must express ourselves. It does help keep us healthy. Good post!
    Thank you Melinda for your comment.

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