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Yell.. Scream.. Cry.. Upset With Your Fiancé?

Today’s post is short because I’m posing a question for you.

Life is not life without problems! Any couple entering into a lifetime commitment knows well that they will face challenges and tribulations.

Depending on the problem, many different reactions can occur. Some will become aggressive verbally and/or physically, some will become emotional and cry, others will be passive and not face or confront the issue, yet others will analyze the event or situation and make a thought through decision, and so on.

One way to face a problem, especially if your partner is upset and very emotional, is to react in the same way your mate is reacting. Another is to retract until the problem is solved. Different ways are explored because of course people aren’t the same and reactions are totally different from one person to another.

If you got upset with your mate because he/she did something that you don’t approve of….
How would you react to such situation?

Comments (3)

My partner and I hardly ever fight/argue/disagree. If we do then we talk. until the problem is resolved normally.
Great question. Ideally, I'd like to retreat until I'm able to separate my emotions from my logic and then discuss the situation. Reality . . . it just depends on the situation, how much sleep I've had (I tend to react quicker with less sleep), and how important the situaltion is in relationship to everything else going on.
I'd like to say that I behave like a functioning human being, but I don't. My emotions tend to overwhelm me and I get very upset. I find it difficult to convey my feelings as they go off the rail somewhere in between my brain and my mouth.

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