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A Vision Board For Engaged Couples and Newlyweds

Most of us when we think of doing a vision board we think of it as an individual or personal project. It’s true, to a certain extent, and it could also be a joint project.

When two people commit to marriage and to live together “For richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health, ‘till death do us part!” it makes more sense to construct one vision board for both of them. They can each have their own as a subset of the bigger one that they construct together.

What’s a vision board? Just in case you don’t know, a vision board is a visual display of all your goals and desires as if you are already there. You gather all the images from magazines, newspapers, google images, photos, and any pictures that you feel resonates within you, that appeal to your deeper self. It doesn’t have to be a picture of a tangible object like a house or a car, which could also be included, if you want. It could be images of successful people whom you want to achieve what they’ve achieved. It could be a collection of powerful and inspiring words that strike you when your eyes fall on them and make you say “YES!” It could be something that you draw by hand or construct with crafts material and glue it to the board.

The basic idea behind it is to visually invigorate your imagination. When this happens, its effect penetrates your subconscious mind, get your mental juices flowing so that you may take actions and make decisions that will direct you to make your vision real.

From my personal experience, vision boards do work. Whenever you have achieved most or all of what you desired, construct a new one with new goals.

So you see now why I say that two who are starting their lives together must construct one vision board. It will give them the common goals and common outlook on life as to where they want to be many years from now.

Even if you’ve been married for many years and want to actualize a dream that you’ve been always yearning for, invite your spouse to have fun with you and build a vision board together.

Do you have a vision board? If not, could you construct one in two days?

Comments (4)

My hubs and I have some big decisions coming up in our lives, mainly if I should go back to work, or continue to stay home with our infant. We need to make a vision board to help us fully understand what we want and need! Hopefully, that will help us decide.
    Megan, a decision like to stay home with your baby or to go back to work depends on many factors that you and your hubby need to unravel and work through them first. You might consider having two boards: one for to stay home, the other for go back to work. Get post-it notes and write all the different elements involved in both and stick them to the boards. Move the post-it notes around and eliminate what you think will not help. The board with the most notes is the one that you will choose. After you've done this step and made a decision, you could construct a vision board for what you invasion and desire the future of this decision will take you . If you need clarity about this process please feel free to e-mail me: amina@audereintelligence.com Thank you Megan for visiting and I wish you all the best.
Amina, do you help engaged couples make vision boards? Great post!
    Jeanine, I help them first define their goals and where they want to be five, ten, or twenty years from now. They then have the assignment of collecting all the images, words, dollar amounts, anything that they can find that resonates with their vision. They bring in all the images and we work on putting them on a board in a way that flows nicely with how their eyes feel comfortable. The most important part is defining their goals and have a clear vision, that's where most of the mental effort goes. The rest is fun and easy. Thank you for your question and your comment!

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