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Snow White Reads The Unnamed Prince

One thing that keeps me wonder, why did the original authors decide not to name the Prince? Is he a symbol to every man appearing suddenly in our lives? Is he supposed to be the one who becomes fascinated with our voices, beauty, spirit, and who we are, for who we are? He takes a secondary role, yet his impact on Snow White makes her wish for him to come and save her and so he has this mysterious shadow behind the scenes.

Princesses and The Prince

The problem with the Victim to Victory story of the Disney Princesses is the message that has been transmitted along the years to billions of young girls who admire the glamour of the princesses and their subconscious mind gets bombarded with “I’m a princess!” “I’m a princess!” Which princess? Any of the Disney princesses that the little girl resonates with, buys her costumes, and searches for The Prince.

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