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Bridezilla, Were You One?

Millions of posts about Bridezilla attacks happening all over the world don’t point out the reasons for the attacks.

Reading hundreds of stories along the years and meeting Bridzillas in my business, sparked my curiosity about the reasons why perfectly normal, lovely women turn into Bridezillas?

Once the ring is on her finger, this sane and composed woman transforms into an unreasonable demanding and spoiled bride-to-be, as many would perceive her. Not every bride transforms, but per the name, I’m focusing here on those who do. Focusing on the Cinderella who transforms into her step sister!

There are so many reasons why a Bride turns into Bridezilla, among them:

1Wedding preparation with all its requirements of searching for venues, caterers, DJ, florist, wedding planners, invitations, décor, accommodations, etc.

2Finding the perfect dress and all its accessories.

3Finding the perfect Bridesmaids dresses.

4Financial requirements and trying to stick to a budget.

5Etiquette rules. To do what, when, how, who and not to offend who about what!

6Interfering friends and relatives who mean well but want to impose their own taste or ideas.

7Etc. many more details.

These are all stressors that would drive any person insane! Every detail that is needed to prepare for the big day was never on the bride’s mind. She imagined being a princess on that day and the whole picture was designed and completed; how? She really never focused her attention on what goes into it. Except of course, if she had the experience with one of her friends and relatives that involved her in the details.

So, you see, I feel sympathetic when I hear about a Bridezilla.

Were you a Bridezilla before your Wedding?

Comments (10)

I was not a bridezilla myself. My sister had been bridezilla enough before me, and I didn't want to do that to my parents again LOL But our wedding was VERY small - 23 family members on the pier where we had our first date, so the planning aspects were no big deal. When we came back from our week-long honeymoon in Aruba, THEN we threw a huge party for 400 of our closest friends and family LOL and that was just fun!
    Kristen, you were very thoughtful for not wanting your parents to have another Bridezilla! Your smart plans incorporated what was most important for you and your husband. Great comment, thank you!
I can see why she changes. Making all those decisions must convey a sense of importance and taking charge. Good thing someone stands behind her to do the real organizing!
    That is true Francene. Importance of details and taking charge could be very stressful for a bride and a groom (Groomzilla appears as well sometimes). Both are embarking on a new stage in their lives and that by itself is unconsciously stressful. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment!
I eloped for my first marriage. I planned and paid from my 2nd wedding to my forever husband, 7 years ago. I just planned and executed my daughter's wedding in under 28 days. Stress was minimal, she was not a bridezilla (she was incredibly calm!) and the day was spectacular!
    Peggy, you have a great heart (got to know you from your blogs) and I'm sure your daughter is blessed to have you by her side. For the bride to be grounded and supported on her big day is the best gift she could get! Thank you for your visit and your comment!
I was not a bridezilla. Those that act like a bridezilla don't need to act like that. Yes its your day but those that are helping, in your wedding, or even paying for it deserve respect. That behavior is inexcusable.
    The point you're addressing, Pamela, is very legitimate. Of course when the bride starts to treat those helping or paying with no respect, then she has crossed a threshold and the stress of preparation is not an excuse. Being a bridezilla by being nervous, anxious, moody, etc is expected, Thank you for your insight and comment!
Hi Amina. I never was a bride. My husband and I got married in a courthouse, and we're heading to our 40th wedding anniversary in 2014.. My personal opinion is that these young women focus on the wedding instead of focusing on marriage. Also, it seems absurd to spend enough money for sizable down payment on a house on a lavish wedding. Maybe they think the memories will be worth it, but truthfully, most big lavish weddings I have gone to have ended in divorce. All the best, Leslie
Fun post - no I wasn't a Bridezilla - I was very nervous - woke up the morning of with hives all over me - and was a bit late - then right before the doors opened I wanted to back down - but, only my parents knew this - and didn't react. Whew - :)

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