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Do you feel that your life is not where you’d like it to be?
Do you feel like a victim to certain events?
Do you have inner conflicts when faced with vital decisions?
Do you blame yourself or other people for your life?
No matter what we’re facing in life, we all experience this inner dialogue and get perplexed with asking: what is really going on?

1Whether being engaged and getting stressed with wedding preparations.
2Newly married and uncovering matters of your disliking.
3Getting ready for a new addition to your family.
4Starting a new life after being afflicted with a calamity as illness or death.
5Being in a new situation where you feel lost with your new career or position in a new corporation.

By taking the Energy Leadership Assessment, you will discover your Audere-Factor. This powerful assessment has been scientifically proven to determine what kind of person you are, unlike other personality assessments like Disc or Meyer Briggs, it does not place you within a category or a box; instead it is subjective to your own experiences and tendencies.
Since it’s based on your attitude, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, you will understand what is really going on with this inner dialogue and why it’s even there.

Take the assessment and you’ll discover how to tap into your Audere Factor, your capability to change all of those negative thoughts and emotions into ones that can transform you to who you want to be and to ones that can serve you and help you realize the true you.
During any given day, our energy fluctuates up and down, like the stock market. One event affects the stocks of a certain company. Similarly, one event can affect our thoughts and consequently produce a variety of emotions affecting our overall energy level.

After being debriefed, you’ll become aware of the following:

1Your energetic capacity and, how it can affect your willingness, readiness, or desire to perform a task.
2Your overall energetic makeup, which determines your dimensions of life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
3Your default stress tendencies, which means: how your thoughts, perceptions, and life events create stress for you, and where you tend to go emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually after such events or thoughts.

Through coaching, you will work on :

1What you can do about those tendencies and how to shift them into more productive ones.
2Where does inner and outer conflict show up in your life and affect your relationships as well as your decisions.
3What holds you back from having the life you’ve always wanted and from accomplishing your goals.
4What are your underlying inner motives.
5Why do you behave the way you do.
6How do you view the world through your self made filters.
7What are the filters that have you developed that either limits or expands what you see or how you perceive circumstances.

Through coaching you will learn :

1What action steps to take to help you get out of your default stress tendencies.
2What action steps can you take to raise your energetic level profile to become the person you envision yourself to be.
3What inner work that you need to do to help you uncover your inner capabilities and gifts.

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