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A New Beginning: Be Present – Be Alive is a new program for anyone who has gone through cancer and its treatments, is ready to move ahead, and to harness their strengths to live the quality of life they’ve always desired.

If you have gone through this tough experience, then set your intention to start this program with the sincere determination to get back on the new constructed and paved road after your unexpected detour.

We’ll go on a journey together, Safari Style, to recognize and set you in motion to become present and alive again.

A New Beginning: Be Present – Be Alive Program is a twelve step process to get you back in gear again and build your home camp with all the supplies you need to overcome fear and limiting beliefs. You will learn how raising your energy level will give you the quality of life you deserve.

I’ll work with you to find your focus again and become self-empowered. Cancer hijacked your life for a while, and returning home takes time, determination, and effort.

In this 12 step program, and within each step, we will work together using exercises and tools that will help you regain control over your life, become Present, and become Alive :

1Session 1

The Journey
Perceive: what is the Truth about cancer

2Session 2

The Safari
React: to the news and treatment of having cancer and dealing with its effects

3Session 3

Walking the Tight Rope Bridge
Empower: yourself to gain control over your life.

4Session 4

The Tall Grass
Select: choose which way to go, and the path to choose is clear

5Session 5

Gazelles and Lions
Engage: get into your role and play full out

6Session 6

Jumping over the Steam and into The Camp
NOW: non-negotiable quality of life; going over the edge, witness your success and absorb your new state

7Session 7

Triumph: over the experience, learn, grow, and change your thinking default tendencies

8Session 8

Earth/ Physical
Ask: about everything you need to know about your physical wellness and how to prevent cancer

9Session 9

Fire/ Emotional
Live and Laugh: and approach life with a new attitude

10Session 10

Air/ Spiritual
Inspire: yourself everyday and inspire those around you with your new acquired awareness

11Session 11

Packing for the New Adventure
Voice: what you want to say, express yourself freely and fearlessly, and get the tools you’ve learned ready to use

12Session 12

Drawing the Map
Embrace Life: every moment and savor every second to leave a legacy.

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