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Engaged and Married Couples

When your relationship develops into a commitment, to bond for the rest of lives, many hidden issues may arise: Whether it is preparations for the wedding becoming a chore instead of an exhilarating experience, or when your bride-to-be turns into a bridezilla, or when your fiancé becomes so distant, or gets the feeling that he’s been left out, or when your in-laws interfere and you don’t know how to tell them politely “IT’S NON OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!” Or you find yourself in a CONTROL battle.

What better way is there to build a heart-driven, strong, flourishing marriage than to start from the time of your engagement? when you knew, with your whole being, that this person whom you love to the core of your soul, is the right person you want to commit to and with whom you want to spend the rest of your life..


A New Beginning

A New Beginning: Be Present – Be Alive is a new program for anyone who has gone through cancer and its treatments, is ready to move ahead, and to harness their strengths to live the quality of life they’ve always desired.

If you have gone through this tough experience, then set your intention to start this program with the sincere determination to get back on the new constructed and paved road after your unexpected detour.

A New Beginning: Be Present – Be Alive Program is a twelve step process to get you back in gear again and build your home camp with all the supplies you need to overcome fear and limiting beliefs. You will learn how raising your energy level will give you the quality of life you deserve.


Discover Your Audere Factor

What are your default stress tendencies, which means: how your thinking and life events create stress for you and what we can do about that?

Where does inner and outer conflict show up to you and affect your relationships?

What filters have you developed that either limits or expands what you see and how you perceive circumstances?

What action steps can you take to raise your energetic level profile to become the person you envision yourself to be?

This is where you will discover your Audere-Factor. A powerful assessment that’s been proven scientifically to be extremely accurate than DISC or Meyer Briggs to assess what kind of person are you.

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